Downtown BGKY is the heart of this city, a cultural destination as Corvette’s historic hometown, and the hub of Kentucky’s Cave Country. This thriving Downtown’s foundations are its vibrant food and drink scene, big small town charm, arts and entertainment community, growing residential opportunities, and international influence.

The City of Bowling Green established the Downtown Development Division in the Neighborhood & Community Services Department in December 2021. The Downtown BGKY brand and destination identity were launched in Spring 2022, capturing the charming mix of historic and modern that thrives here.

[City Seal]Let us be your guide. Discover more of the Downtown BGKY experience, perfect for locals and visitors alike. Opportunities to eat, drink, shop, be entertained, and stay overnight can all be found from scenic Riverwalk Park to Western Kentucky University’s campus. We’re home of Fountain Row, the newest Downtown BGKY amenity, an entertainment district where patrons can order alcoholic beverages in approved to-go cups from participating restaurants and bars from 11am to 9pm daily.

Visit the Downtown Development section on the City of Bowling Green’s website.